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Building Democracy from Below

A collective of civil society organizations

The Alliance for Rural Democracy is a collective of civil society organizations and community groupings championing rural democracy and restorative land justice. We have consistently argued that democratic South Africa has failed to meet key constitutional obligations to ensure security of land tenure for residents of the former Bantustans.

Working with activists, movements and organizations, we have successfully managed to build strong networks across five provinces in South Africa to capacitate activists and communities to actively resist, mobilize and organize against both the erosion of their land rights as well as the marginalization of former homelands in the national consciousness and imagination constructed as a post apartheid democratic dispensation. This has included issues of local governance, traditional authority and socio-economic development. Our work involves partnerships between community based organizations, movements and NGOs providing research, advocacy and legal support.

The strength of the ARD lies in its members. Although drawn from different provinces, different contexts and different backgrounds (ranging from farm dwellers, those in communal lands, those under Chiefs and others not) Alliance members are united in purpose. Driven by a common vision, Alliance members believe that there is strength, innovative ideas, agency and energy at local community level that must be harnessed and activated in ways that support the ARD’s goals.

Operating in
We operate in the Eastern Cape, Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and the North-West
Volunteering time, experience, skills and resources to represent communities across South Africa.
Working in
Our organization has connected with nearly 6500 rural citizens, all working closely in our network.

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